Manndalore Ranch is located in Powhatan, Virginia. Contact us for interest in animals or co-op raising opportunities, we currently have listings for Available Goats and Available Kids.

Goats / Kids

Milker Goats, Meater Goats, Hybrids

Alipine with Kiko/Bagot/Nubian/Saanen

Goat kids available, some bottle raised. Males typically neutered after 3 months.

All goats vaccinated for Rabies and CD-T at 3 months.

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View some of our Available Kids

Goat Landscaping Rentals

We rent out goats for landscaping purposes such as eating down overgrown yards, fields, invasive species control, difficult to access areas, etc.

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Chickens, Heritage Turkeys, African Geese, Ducks.

Free range eggs.

Co-op raising opportunities, if you would like to order young birds and have us raise them to adulthood before bringing them home.

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New Zealand Rabbits

Available from 8 weeks of age.